I'm sorry, but due to lack of entries and lack of members, this community is being postponed until further notice. Maybe we'll start up with the new year, so in the mean time - please pimp. :)

Thanks and I'm sorry for the trouble.


weekly icon challenge #1 - halloween

what could be better than festive x-files icons?! come one! get those dark and scary icons out of your system before the shiny ones in december attack you!!

monthly story challenge #1 - halloween

you can see the theme now can't you :) look! there's even a beta there! ready and willing!!!

monthly art challenge #1 - halloween

art! art! yeah!


there's some awesome effort going into these, I can see that :) and I'd love too see more from even more philes! lets make this community rock from challenge number one :)

Thank you!

the people who are making this happen

Thanks for joining xfile_challenge. I have high expectations that this will be pure fun and enjoyment, and hopefully this will be a place for fellow X-Philes to meet and interact.

Here's the list of your mods.

xxjaybabyxx - monthly/weekly art, story, and vid challenges
lindsay_1986 - monthly and/or weekly art challenges
twisted_badger - monthly art and story challenges
codestothestars - monthly art challenges
paperwirexit - weekly art and vid challenges
smugfaction - weekly art and monthly vid challenges
londonbeauty001 - monthly and/or weekly art challenges

Our banner makers.

xxjaybabyxx - monthly/weekly art, story, and vid challenges
splodge04 - monthly/weekly art, story, and vid challenges
nodazzle - monthly/weekly art challenges

And our affiliates!


Note: I'm an insanely busy person. I was not able to respond to every one of your replies for affiliates, mods, banner makers, etc. If your name is on this list and I have not yet talked to you about your position, don't worry. Here's what's happening:

I'm starting out all the first challenges - both monthly and weekly for October. In between here and November, I will be contacting you with specifics and details of what I'd like for you to do and help out with. Mods are welcome to participate in challenges.

If you wish to apply for a moderator position, banner maker, or affiliate, please comment here. If you need to contact me, e-mail me at dancing_through_life05@yahoo.com. Questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to this post where I, or another mod, will do our best to respond.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming challenges! Don't forget to PIMP. :)


Any questions, concerns, or comments you have should go in this post. I, or another mod, will try to respond as soon as real life allows us to. Please be patient if you have a question that goes unanswered for some time; I promise we are not ignoring it. ;)

Thanks, Justine